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the " fine print"

* Wind & wave will always have the last word!

** max. 4 sailors (3 cabin yacht) / 8 sailors (5 cabin yacht) In addition, each sailing guest please calculate approx. 25-45€ (North Sea / Baltic Sea) / 40-60€ (Mediterranean Sea) per day. Berths can only be booked in pairs.

*** Each guest on board has his own berth. We calculate with 6 sailors plus skipper. The prices are based on our experience. Please add approx. 25-45€ (North Sea / Baltic Sea) / 40-60€ (Mediterranean) per day for each guest sailing with us.

What is the boarding pass: It is a community fund into which all sailors pay in equal shares and with which, among other things, food, fuel, mooring, harbour fees and final cleaning are paid. Usually the skipper is not included, but is also supplied from this fund according to old tradition.