Rent a Skipper

Our skippers are normal people who have turned their hobby into a profession, either wholly or in part. They have acquired knowledge to recognize dangers and to avoid them. They are not afraid on the water, but they have respect for the elements. It is this respect that drives them to keep their knowledge and skills up to date, to constantly update their knowledge of the area and thus to be the valuable travel companion they expect. We support you in your endeavour:

SBF See/SKS/SSS training - theory and practice

Transference Cruise - "We're moving your yacht"

Skipper training

Boat tours / Yachtkeeper

Skipper for corporate and team events

Skipper for vacation trips



experienced & competent

Our boat guides have the necessary sailing and radio licenses to guide your boat safely.


Thousands of nautical miles - North Sea, Baltic Sea, Mediterranean Sea, Scottish Sea, Irish Sea, Bristol Channel and English Channel - practical experience to keep control even in critical moments

How much?

Pricing in line with the market and transparent, agreed in advance
Skipper and sailing instructor


Who's Stefan? - A skipper who usually enjoys sailing the North Sea, Baltic Sea and Mediterranean. Last season, however, he sailed mainly one-handed 2500sm over the rough Scottish / Irish Sea, the Bristol Channel, the English Channel and the North Sea. Depending on the situation in these tidal areas he had to find sources and develop strategies to keep his motivation and mental strength. Stefan says: "During night trips and 24h stages mental strength is especially important! In addition, the safety-relevant processes on board have to be planned and you can recite them at any time like a mantra and take care of them" | Stefan is an IT consultant & lecturer in everyday life at large companies and banks in Germany. He had set out to push his limits anew ... Learn from his experiences.

sailing instructor