News from Ijsselmeer

2020 projects its "sunbeams". We have found a new home for our sailing yachts after our summer cruise 2019. Lemmer at the Ijsselmeer - here we have settled down.
Inspired by our trip - around the UK (from Lübeck via Scotland - Caledonian Canal -, Ireland, Wales, England and Amsterdam) - we have summarized everything about our new services and events in this message in a bottle.
Whether young, old, single, couples, groups or teams - everyone will find his special and unique experiences.

Weiter LESEN


The little Scandinavia cruise

With the travelogue about the “little Scandinavia cruise”, the blog series of our this year’s summer cruise begins. We had wonderful four months with great crews and sailed many nautical miles. We sailed around the United Kingdom without feeling any brexite effects. We saw nine countries and several European metropolises, like London and Amsterdam. We are looking forward to a lot of exciting adventures from Onboat.Events.

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Sailing trips with “special flair” at

There are no providers for sailing holidays like the proverbial “sand at the sea” – but sailing fans are now spoilt for choice between the most diverse offers. In order to make sure that a trip fits your personal requirements, it is definitely worthwhile to have a close look and compare before booking. Often small but important details make the difference whether the trip will later meet the individual expectations of the passengers. Onboat.Events offers sailing trips with “sea value”. What this means exactly and what makes the offer of the family business so unique can be read here: