Partner Program Sailing

A sailing yacht for more charter guests, as advertising ambassador and as location for events & seminars. We push your business!

 Are you looking for new marketing ideas? For you our complete offer is - Events & Services - the solution.

Are you a sailing school? You always wanted to sail a 50-foot ship,
expand their fleet or seek training ships? Yacht Charter & Rent a Skipper are the answer.

Are you a charter company? You are missing ships, a 50'er or the location is in demand?
  Their solution is also Yacht Charter & Rent a Skipper.

 Are you an event agency or a seminar provider? We offer the Sailing Yachts & Skipper
and you the event / seminar, but of course we are available with help and advice, because sailing is
our business.

for more charter guests

Supplement your sailing fleet temporarily.

Overbooking and where can I get a yacht now?
50 feet vessel required. This is how I satisfy my customers.
 Who sails on the Ijsselmeer, English Channel, ... ...we're already here!

Advertising Ambassador

Noble brands have recognized the advertising effectiveness of sailing yachts for decades, now it's your turn! Your first-class product has long deserved to be put in the right light and we offer you this chance. Design your advertising campaigns with special models. Our sailing yachts are ready for you.

Dropsides, sails, rigging and flags are the ideal advertising space for your brand.
On Pack Promotion at the point of sale increases the attention - e.g. as the prize of a raffle.
We become creative together.

You will be thrilled and your marketing will thank you for it. Because sailing is fun, just like your product.

Location for events, conferences & seminars

What makes me different? Why does the customer choose my service? How can I score points before the potential customer knows me well enough? These are only three questions for which sales people are always looking for answers.

The good host usually has a special motivation, he wants to surprise his guests and leave a lasting impression.

The answer to all questions here is sailing yacht.

The special is sought as an event location. Honestly, what beats a sailing yacht?
Engagement and wedding, the round birthday, all reasons that deserve an original photo location.
Can I provide the location with my own labels? Of course!
Would you like to sail with us during the event, conference or seminar? With pleasure!
Skipper Stefan will handle it.
Seminar technology and whiteboard are on board? Not only that, but also refrigerator, coffee machine ...
 Where do I accommodate the participants and guests? Our proposal: on Board,
but there are also enough B&B's available in the surrounding area

Your "partner program" advantages



flexible scheduling


Transparency from the start


We suggest and you decide


very close in Lemmer NL Ijsselmeer


Bavaria Cruiser 40 Feet

Bavaria Cruiser 50 Feet

Skipper Stefan will escort you


Who's Stefan? - A skipper who usually enjoys sailing the North Sea, Baltic Sea and Mediterranean. However, last season he sailed mainly one-handed 2500sm over the rough Scottish / Irish Sea, the Bristol Channel, the English Channel and the North Sea. | Stefan is in everyday life IT-Consultant & Lecturer for large companies and banks in Germany. He knows his way around and enriches every event with his presence.

sailing instructor