Segelausbildung - am Steg belegtes Tau

Sailing education

A sunny day on the sea, with pure bathing fun for the crew. Anchoring in a quiet bay or setting sails in 3-4 wind forces and gliding over the waves. Experience the sunset on the sea and after this natural spectacle we go to the marina and moor. Enjoy the well-deserved sundowner in the cockpit. A little freshly made and enjoy the surrounding gastronomy.

A dream? No! We will teach you everything you need to know as skipper and crew for this experience!


Boat driving licence SBF See

Sailing education

Skippertraining / Crewtraining

know how to charter

Basics of yacht technology

They will be thrilled and their fellow sailors will thank you with motivation and commitment. Sailing is fun.


Your "sailing training" advantages



flexible scheduling


Transparency right from the start


we recommend and you decide

learning success

Professional skipper and professional lecturer, nothing more works


we train in Lemmer NL at the Ijsselmeer
Skipper and sailing instructor


Who's Stefan? - A skipper who usually enjoys sailing the North Sea, Baltic Sea and Mediterranean. However, last season he sailed mainly one-handed 2500sm over the rough Scottish / Irish Sea, the Bristol Channel, the English Channel and the North Sea. Depending on the situation in these tidal areas he had to find sources and develop strategies to keep his motivation and mental strength. Stefan says: "During night trips and 24h stages mental strength is especially important! In addition, the safety-relevant processes on board have to be planned and you can recite them at any time like a mantra and take care of them" | Stefan is an IT consultant & lecturer in everyday life at large companies and banks in Germany. He had set out to push his limits anew ... Learn from his experiences. Translated with (free version)