📅 3.6.2023 - 19.6.2023 ( 16 days )
Stavanger - fjords of Norway - south coast to Kristiansand
ca.420 nm - for sail amateurs suited
⛅ ◔ 🌡12-23C° 🌞 04:24h 🌜 22:35h ⛵ WNW/ESE 3-6Bft

complete sailing trip

 📅 26.5.2023 - 3.6.2023 ( 8 Days )
One Way from Ijsselmeer to the danish Limfjord (DK)
ca.350 nm - for sail amateurs suited
⛅ ◔ 🌡13-21C° 🌞 05:06h 🌜 21:46h ⛵ W-SW 4-5Bft

 📅 3.6.2023 - 10.6.2023 ( 7 days )
Limfjord (DK) via Aalborg and Læsø to Gothenburg (SE)
ca.170 nm - for sail layman suited
⛅ ◔ 🌡10-19C° 🌞 04:31h 🌜 22:07h ⛵ WSW-SSW 3-5Bft

 📅 3.7.2023 - 10.7.2023 ( 7 days )
Gothenburg, Copenhagen & Malmö - 3 in one go
ca.190 nm - for sail newcomer suited
⛅ ◔ 🌡14-21C° 🌞 04:30h 🌜 21:55h ⛵ WSW-SSW 3-5Bft

 📅 10.7.2023 - 17.7.2023 ( 7 days )
Sailing in paradise - Danish South Sea, pearl of Baltic Sea
ca.160 nm - for sail layman suited
⛅ ◔ 🌡14-21C° 🌞 04:33h 🌜 21:43h ⛵ WSW-SSW 3-5Bft

 📅 17.7.2023 - 27.7.2023 ( 10 days )
''Kaiser-Wilhelm-Canal'' from Baltic Sea to North Sea
ca.300 nm - for sail amateurs suited
⛅ ◔ 🌡12-22C° 🌞 04:46h 🌜 22:01h ⛵ WSW-SSW 3-5Bft

extra, arrival & connect trips

 📅 3.6.2023 - 19.6.2023 ( 16 days )
Stavanger - fjords of Norway - south coast to Kristiansand
ca.420 nm - for sail amateurs suited
⛅ ◔ 🌡12-23C° 🌞 04:24h 🌜 22:35h ⛵ WNW/ESE 3-6Bft

 📅 10.6.2023 - 19.6.2023 ( 10 days )
Scandinavian Midsummer Sweden - Kristiansand (NOR)
ca.260 nm - for sail newcomer suited
⛅ ◔ 🌡14-21C° 🌞 04:24h 🌜 22:35h ⛵ WSW-SSW 3-5Bft

 📅 19.6.2023 - 3.7.2023 ( 14 days )
Sailing dream in Norway & Sweden Fjords & Archipelago
ca.330 nm - for sail amateurs suited
⛅ ◔ 🌡12-23C° 🌞 04:31h 🌜 22:07h ⛵ WNW/ESE 3-6Bft


Thyborøn, a harbour on the Danish west coast, is the starting point for our trip to Sweden. Gothenburg is the destination! - The city has been shaped in many ways by its proximity to the sea. The canals of the second largest metropolis in Sweden after Stockholm are reminiscent of Holland. Kungsportsavenyn, the largest shopping street in Gothenburg with many cafés and shops, invites you to go ashore. - On the way to Gothenburg we sail across the Limfjord, passing Aalborg. The city is known worldwide for its Aalborg anniversary Akvavit, a rehearsal can't hurt. Vesterö Havn is always worth seeing. With especially beautiful sunsets, Vesterø Havn is a place to stay at the crossing in the east direction from Denmark to Sweden. As soon as you enter the harbour of Vesterø, the chalky white sandy ground and the azure blue water show that you have come to a paradise island. The marina is located on the Danish island Læsø in the middle of the Kattegat. With beats of max. 40sm, the sailing stages on this trip can be mastered during the day and generally leave enough time to enjoy life on board and nature to the full.

small crew (3 guests max.)

comfortable sailing yacht with safety certificate / german flag

protected sea area

professional expert skipper

Danish Limfjord with sunset
task on board

everything can, but nothingt have to
Sailing involves many different tasks, which we will tackle together. Helmsman, navigator, deck hand during sailing manoeuvres or pentry. The skipper has the last word, he pays attention to safety, but otherwise he accepts any help. Knowledge will be refreshed and hand movements will be explained and then it starts ...




Our skipper likes to tell about his cruises during social evenings:

  • in North Sea, Baltic Sea, Mediterranean Sea and Atlantic Ocean
  • his Scottish canal cruises
  • the sailing trip over Lochness
  • single-handed trip
    • scottish sea
    • irish Sea
    • english channel
    • Night drive from Dover to Calais
    • the crossing of the world's most frequented TSS

Learn from his experiences, it is always exciting! I promise!

AND... he's been training skippers for several years. His eyes are well trained and he's hardly ever upset.

sailing instructor



No special requirements. Everyone is welcome, even beginners. The trip is suitable for sailors from 16 to 80 years.
Clothing and footwear appropriate to the weather.
Each participant receives an automatic life jacket and a sheet with pillow for the duration of the trip.
Those who have booked their own cabin will also be able to stow a suitcase. But what is more suitable is a duffel or a foldable travel bag in order to be able to stow it better during the trip.

the " fine print"

* Wind & wave will always have the last word!

** o ensure that every guest on board has their own cabin, we calculate each leg with 2 fellow sailors (3 cabin yacht) / 6 fellow sailors (5 cabin yacht). The prices quoted are based on our experience. We reserve the right to reduce (couples/friends share cabin) or increase (insufficient crew / special right of cancellation, refund of deposit is obligatory) the prices depending on capacity. First payment only due from 1.3. in the year of the cruise. Please calculate additionally approx. 25-35€ (North-/Baltic Sea) / 35-45€ (Mediterranean Sea) per day for the board cash.

*** Each guest on board has his own berth. We calculate with 6 sailors plus skipper. The prices are based on our experience. Please add approx. 25-35€ (North Sea/Baltic Sea) / 35-45€ (Mediterranean) per day for each guest sailing with us.

What is the boarding pass: It is a community fund into which all sailors pay in equal shares and with which, among other things, food, fuel, mooring, harbour fees and final cleaning are paid. Usually the skipper is not included, but is also supplied from this fund according to old tradition.