The little Scandinavia cruise

With the travelogue about the “little Scandinavia cruise”, the blog series of our this year’s summer cruise begins. We had wonderful four months with great crews and sailed many nautical miles. We sailed around the United Kingdom without feeling any brexite effects. We saw nine countries and several European metropolises, like London and Amsterdam. We are looking forward to a lot of exciting adventures from Onboat.Events.

From our home port in Lübeck at that time we drove over the river Trave to the mouth of the Baltic Sea, past Fehmarn, towards Scandinavia. Among other things, we had to cross one of the most frequented waterways in the world. A highlight of this stage was to sail under the Öresund Bridge and visit Copenhagen.

Die Öresundbrücke verbindet Dänemark mit Schweden.
Øresund Bridge

From Lübeck to Aalborg it was a total of almost 400sm, including a night trip, a beautiful stretch which we managed with a wonderful crew. We drove past TSS (traffic separation scheme), shallows and through bridges.

Afterwards we went into the Limfjord, another highlight of this sailing trip. A comfortable trip, through a very scenic and beautiful fjord. With bridge crossings it went up to the mouth in Thyboron.

The small Scandinavia trip was a wonderful start of our summer trip for our team as well as for our participants.

skandinavischer Hafen
Scandinavian marina