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There are no providers for sailing holidays like the proverbial “sand at the sea” – but sailing fans are now spoilt for choice between the most diverse offers. In order to make sure that a trip fits your personal requirements, it is definitely worthwhile to have a close look and compare before booking. Often small but important details make the difference whether the trip will later meet the individual expectations of the passengers. Onboat.Events offers sailing trips with “sea value”. What this means exactly and what makes the offer of the family business so unique can be read here:

Question: What would be the most important reason for you to prefer to another provider? First of all we remember our two wonderful boats, Benno (Bavaria Cruiser 40) and Hera (Bavaria Cruiser 50). In terms of equipment and safety standards, they promise a travel experience of the very highest level. Of course, space on a sailboat is always limited, but our boats offer an optimal use of space. The comfort for our passengers must not be neglected.

Question: How can you imagine that? Do you have an example, so that perhaps interested sailing beginners can get an idea of it?

Onboat.Events: Yes of course! Both boats have a so-called dinghy. A dinghy is a small dinghy, with which you can do for example wonderful island hopping or visit lonely bays. These are stowed with us outside at the stern and do not take away any place on the ship. Thus, the forecastle remains free for sunbathing. The dinghies themselves each have a 15 HP outboard motor and thus glide relaxed, but still with the necessary speed, over the water.

Question: You have already mentioned the safety standard, how do you reassure someone who is concerned about this?

Onboat. Events: First and foremost, the experience of our skipper Stefan is simply unbeatable in this respect and the safety guarantee par excellence. He has completely accompanied the summer trip 2019, around the UK on a boat. Onboat.Events is also state of the art in terms of technology: Plotters in mint condition guarantee a smooth navigation during AIS (Automatic Identification System). In addition, a modern radar system ensures that you can see everything important, but at the same time you can be seen yourself. And last but not least, the remote control of our anchor ensures that even with a small crew you can always stay in control and anchor safely.

Question: Holidays are first and foremost for relaxation, so what makes you different from other sailing trips in terms of the feel-good factor?

Onboat events: Sunbathing on our foredeck is for some people the epitome of relaxation. And if it gets too hot there, you can take a jump into the cool water from our bathing platform. Our berths are cosy and offer every comfort you can expect from a sailing boat. Our service includes the organisation of shore activities at the various destinations, so that passengers can simply enjoy their holiday.

“Our service includes the organization of land activities in the different destinations”

Question: Are there any other technical refinements that put ahead of others? We actually even have a voltage converter for 230 volts on board – just in case someone doesn’t want to do without their notebook on vacation or has something urgent to do. So we offer a home office in the bathing bay, so to speak – who can say that about themselves?

Question: If you are together for a long time in a small space, the interpersonal component must also be right. Do you have a recipe for that? Due to our structure as a family-run company, there is always great trust between the skipper and the service team. In addition, the resulting short working distances make many things easier. Above all, the level-headedness of our skipper Stefan always quickly makes everyone feel at home. And this automatically results in a harmonious atmosphere on board.

Question: That really sounds very promising, do you have anything to add in conclusion? There is actually something else: One of our quality features is also that a booking can be handled very flexibly. Individual time arrangements are possible without any problems, even if the trip is officially offered for a longer period of time. There are many reasons to trust Onboat.Events when booking a sailing trip.

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