Through the Caledonian Canal

Our third leg of the summer cruise 2019 took us through the famous Caledonian Canal, where we started our search for Nessi in Loch Ness.

After an interesting crossing of the North Sea, we reached Inverness on the east coast of Scotland, ready for the third leg of the 2019 summer cruise, sailing from Inverness to Oban, through the Caledonian Channel. The marina in Inverness is unfortunately located in an industrial region, but it served as our entry point into the Caledonian Channel. It is nevertheless very well situated and represents the connection between the northern North Sea and the Scottish Sea. Furthermore, the harbour master and the staff of the marina are very friendly and helpful.

From Inverness the access to the canal is very easy. Long ropes are required and many fenders, but even our sailing yachts – Benno and Hera – could always enter a lock together and there was room for more. The trip through the Caledonian Canal itself is also very pleasant and it offers the opportunity to decelerate, with the breathtaking scenery. Because this describes the Scottish Highlands very well. Moreover, one recognizes many photo motives from the travel guide. Our Highlands were the following:

Schleuse im kaledonischen Kanal
One of 29 locks in the Caledonian Canal

Loch Ness

The myth about Nessi, the sea monster, is always present and you catch yourself looking out. But unfortunately Nessi did not show up at our place and remains a myth for now. However, we have beautiful historical castles, as the famous Urquart Castle can find and had secondly a suitable mystical mood. The clouds hung in the mountains and created a unique view.

Fort Augustus

At the end of Loch Ness a sunny Fort Augustus, with the Neptune Staircase, has awaited us. It is a huge multi-stage lock system, which could not have been integrated into the landscape and the small town in a more beautiful way. A really beautiful place, which we can only recommend, because also food can be very tasty here. There is also a lot to do for fitness. Some hiking and cycling paths are located right next to the Caledonian Canal. Furthermore, refuges invite you to stay. 

In total 97km and 29 locks we passed through, from East to West Scotland, because at Fort William we leave the canal again into the Scottish Sea. The Scottish Sea is famous for its currents and tides and the resulting water turbulence (also called Eddies). You should therefore always have the rudder well in hand and keep a lookout, because even if nothing happens at that moment, you should not underestimate it. Our destination is Oban, with the port of destination on the island of Kerrera), on this third leg of the summer cruise 2019. Oban will be the starting point for further sailing trips, like the Whiskey&Sail.

kaledonischer kanal