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trial sailing

We will start your trial sailing from our home port in Lemmer without a precise destination, because we are guided by you. The Ijsselmeer is very suitable for sailing beginners or people who have never sailed before. True to the motto: Everything can, nothing must! It is possible to make daily trips, get to know the canals of Lemmer, pass locks for the first time or even sail all the way to Amsterdam. It all depends on your wishes, experiences and the weather. We are looking forward to bringing sailing life a little bit closer to you. You will be thrilled.
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Lemmer on the Ijsselmeer
3 nights on board
Board cash approx. € 50 p.p.

what happen on trip

Sailing is a trend sport and a wonderful hobby. You sail with us through or past beautiful landscapes, you have your peace and quiet while sunbathing in the middle of the sea or you arrange it as an exciting adventure holiday. For spectators it often looks easy, how the sailing yachts glide in the wind on the waters. However, there are many factors that play a role in sailing, which run under their own laws: Wind, knots, terms and water. During our taster sailing we explain as much as you want to know. You are welcome to help the skipper or enjoy your time on deck and the beautiful view of the Ijsselmeer. The adjacent canals and basins also invite you to sail and let us be flexible in planning your trip together. Furthermore, you can also explore the region of the Ijsselmeer from land.

Land activities

Sailing across the Ijsselmeer & canals

experienced skipper






Bavaria Cruiser 40 Feet

Bavaria Cruiser 50 Feet




Our skipper likes to tell about his cruises during social evenings:

in North Sea, Baltic Sea, Mediterranean Sea and Atlantic Ocean his Scottish canal cruises the sailing trip over Lochness single-handed trip scottish sea irish Sea english channel Night drive from Dover to Calais the crossing of the world's most frequented TSS Learn from his experiences, it is always exciting! I promise!

AND... he's been training skippers for several years. His eyes are well trained and he's hardly ever upset.

sailing instructor




No special requirements. Everyone is welcome. No or little knowledge is no problem.
Clothing and footwear appropriate to the weather
At the beginning of the cruise, a board cash desk is set up according to good seamanly custom. From this the crew pays all running yacht costs, e.g. diesel (3 litres/engine hour), harbour fees and the common catering on board. The skipper is a guest of the crew and is kept free of charge by the board cash.